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August 2016



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Aug. 30th, 2016


WANTED: Beta for 100k+ Triad Fic

Originally posted by velmel at Beta Wanted for 100k+ Triad Fic

Rating: NC-17 (MA)
Pairing: Harry/Hermione/Draco (Triad)
Genre: Friendship / Adventure / Romance / Action / Fantasy
Need Help With: Grammer, Spelling, Character growth and etc, Plotting, Courtship (magical etiquette)
Deadlines: ASAP to discuss and work together; turnaround should be a week to 2 weeks or so for each chapter

- 100k+ fic
- Strong explicit language (though I try not to be crude)
- Major AU-- different school
- Magical racism
- Mental and Emotional turmoil
- Blood, death and gore
- Slash
- Polyamorous relationships
- Explicit sexual content (though nothing will happen until their magical majority)-- D/s subtones

Summary:Hermione pieces the conspiracies surrounding Harry, and does the only thing she can to ensure the safety of Harry: sending him off with Sirius as he's escaping. AU

Other: Team player
I'm looking to have a min of two betas. So it's important to get along. You need to be able to bounce ideas around. There will be a lot of mythology (from all around the world) and species in the fic--so if you have some knowledge in that--Yay Bonus!


Hello LJ community! Welcome to my page :)

Hey Guys! Welcome!!

So, here's my first post, which will basically be an intro to who Iam and what I'm going to be doing here :)

I recently (a couple of months ago) graduated from university and started working a "real" job. Though my job is quite creative (I'm a Marketing Coordinator) and I do get to create written and graphic content--I started noticing just how much life it sucked out of me. I'm talking dementor's kisslevel.

I'd come home all exhausted and drained. Waste it away in front of the TV or read some fanfics. However, it wasn't pulling to me. I needed an outlet to let me feelings out. Writing has always been that for me.

One day, while there was a thunderstorm outside, and I was cuddled in bed while in a conference call for work--this plot bunny whackedme. Literally, I put myself on mute, opened up google docs and wrote.

It was so freakingamazing! And now, here I am. Getting back the creative me. The one who loved to write. The one that fell in love with every single fandom I ever ventured into. Iam back.

Shoot me a message. I love talking and listening. Inspire me. Let's grow together!

Fun Facts:

- I am tone deaf
- Major commitment issues. Ha. Seriously, I can't commit to purchasing a car, house, phone and etc. The idea that I will tied down to a contract - gives me the jeebes . But people-- loyal to a fault.
- I get super emotionally involved when reading or watching something. I'm right there feeling exactly what the characters are.

I love:

- Time Travel: Give me something where they go back to change something. A tiny thing or completely changing. The possibilities are endless. However, this is easily abused--and when written badly...ugh just no.
- Romance Pairings: If written well, I will give everything a try. Slash, HET, poly and etc. I've been converted to a lot of different pairings by trying an unusual one.
- AU: Personally, I prefer it over Canon--because let's be honest, it's why we're all here to read. I want to see how people can change the events around and make it work.
- Characterization: Give me self-conflict, character growth, and emotional growth and I'm in love with the character. It's that simple, I will be all over it. And redemption. I live for it.

I dislike:

- Child sexual abuse: In no way shape and form this is okay.
- Incest: Enough said.
- Necrophilia: The passed should be respected.
- Substance/alcohol abuse: I get so emotionally involved that it becomes scarring for me.
- Mary Sue: Annoying, so annoying.
- Plot holes/spelling/basic grammar/swiss cheese characters
- Abusive relationships: Please do not try to justify writing a relationship that steams in abuse for the OTP pairing. This is not a message that needs to be supported, especiallywhen you have individuals reading this who may have had similar experiences/situations. This includes: sexual assault/rape; physical abuse and emotional blackmail/abuse; extortion

I can also be found as: